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Express Your Passions by Learning How to Dance

Do you find yourself grooving to every tune that plays on TV? Does your child exhibit the innate sense of grace displayed in every dancer? Megan's Dance Academy is the perfect place for you and your child to hone your dance skills.


Let us help you channel your desires and dreams, and express them through various forms of dance.

Become a pro at any form of dance

Join Megan's Dance Academy and become a master in any form of dance through dedicated training from highly qualified dance professionals.

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Getting to know our policies will make you better aware about the crucial steps we take to make our classes pleasurable for every individual.

Dance policies

Learn to dress right for your classes

Certain dance styles require specific dress codes to facilitate easy movement and flexibility. For more information, you can give us a call at 516-513-0740 today.

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Dance classes

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Megan's Dance Academy – Teaching You to Turn the World Into Your Dance Stage

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